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Benefits to Greening your Restaurant


1 Publicity

The Green Restaurant Association and its Certified Green Restaurants® have been featured

in the following media outlets: NBC Nightly News, The Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine, 

CNN, The Washington Post, The New York Times, National Public Radio (NPR)…and more! 

“Since becoming Certified, we've been highlighted in several local newspapers and blogs,

and our customers are thrilled with our efforts and Certification status. We consider it win-win!”

—Amy Edelman, Night Kitchen Bakery


2 Cut Costs

Since 1990, The GRA has been helping restaurants cut energy, water and waste costs. The

GRA has been instrumental in helping restaurants realize that environmental responsibility can equal fiscal gain. Some Certified Green Restaurants® save thousands of dollars each year, and through the help of the GRA’s consultants, are able to access rebates, incentives and other money saving programs. In addition, GRA’s streamlined process saves restaurant owners the time and effort of seeking this information out on their own; saving even more money that would otherwise be spent on hourly wages.

“I realized about a 45% return on my investment in one year and cut approximately $1,200 off my annual operating costs.”

—Jim Solomon, Owner - The Fireplace


3 Improve Staff Productivity and Morale

Currently, most restaurant employees are between the ages of 20 and 30. This demographic and age has proven to be very environmentally aware. In fact, most of them practice their own green habits in their daily lives. In the past two years, several of the GRA’s Certified Green Restaurants® have reported that staff productivity and morale increase upon their certification. Restaurant employees have demonstrated that they want to work for businesses that are making real, credible and transparent environmental changes. Being a part of the solution to our world’s environmental problems goes a long way in gaining a restaurant employee’s loyalty. 

“Not only am I pleased with the financial results of my decision, I also know that my association with the GRA has inspired employee morale.”

—Jim Solomon, Owner - The Fireplace


4 Drive in New Customers and Increase Customer Loyalty

Statistics show that 80% of Americans identify themselves as environmentally concerned. A dedicated sector of these 80% are driving a 20% annual growth in the $11 billion organic food industry; are investing billions in socially responsible investment funds; and frequent Certified Green Restaurants®. Customers learn about Certified Green Restaurants®through the Green Dining Guide, GRA's website (, and mainstream press. Eating out has always been considered a splurge or extravagance in the average American’s budget. The growing trend in restaurant dining is that consumers want to feel as if they’ve done something good, other than just having a nice meal. This fact alone can drive in new customers and create loyal ones. 

When customers go on the web looking for environmentally responsible dining choices, they find the Certified Green Restaurants®. is number one on Google for the search "green restaurant."


5 Stay Ahead of Legislation

Environmental legislation for restaurants is sweeping across the world, from plastic bag and Styrofoam bans, to recycling mandates. More and more cities are in the process of either considering or passing legislation relating to matters of restaurants and the environment. Because Certified Green Restaurants® have already completed these important environmental changes voluntarily, when legislation strikes, the GRA’s restaurants are able to continue running their businesses while their competitors are scrambling to comply with the latest mandates.


6 Create a Healthier Environment

Restaurants are the number one consumer of electricity in the retail sector. Comprising 10% of the American economy, the restaurant industry exacts a large impact upon the air we breathe, the food we eat, and the water we drink. Certified Green Restaurants® position themselves as responsible citizens of the business world.

"It is innovative programs like the Green Restaurant Association that give our country promise to forge a strong economy based upon strong and healthy environmental practices"

Jerry Lawson, EPA Director - Energy Star™ for Small Business 


To start working with the Green Restaurant Association or to learn more, contact or (617) 737-4422.

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